Pine Mountain Ranch

Bly, OR

The Pine Mountain Ranch stands a symbol as one of South Central Oregon’s premier, self sustaining ranches. The ranch boasts 16,000 acres which actively runs approximately 1,100 head cow/calf operation the ranch is located near the small town of Bly, Oregon- whose population remains just over 400. Though the area has a small population, the surrounding areas provide many natural wonders such as Summer Lake, where waterfowl hunters travel from afar for the opportunity to hunt or enjoy the natural hot springs. The old, “River Springs” portion of the Pine Mountain Ranch provides its own natural springs. At any given time of the year, you can witness a portion of the river alive with bubbles coming up from the ground, keeping the river from freezing.

Not only does the ranch contain beautiful scenery, it’s also rooted in history- dating back to homesteading days where Margaret Jacobs’ ran a large portion of the land. During this time, the land was used in large part for its timber. The Ivory Pine Mill ran as the heart and lifeblood of the ranch until it was later torn down and a large red barn constructed in its place. Change also came in the form of new ownership when Barney Simonson bought up most of the land we now know as the Pine Mountain Ranch.

Today, the ranch is home to commercial black angus cattle. The ranch is a prolific producer of well rounded commercial calves. The ranch also produces its own hay for the cattle allowing the ranch to be self sustainable. The ranch borders state forest lands which the ranch is fortunate to have as a neighbor.