Wilks Ranch

Eastland, TX

Just south of the county seat, Eastland, TX, is the home of the high quality registered Black Angus breeding program; one of the things that Wilks Ranch is known for.

Registered black angus beef are the cornerstone of what truly defines the Wilks Ranch. Wilks Ranch prides itself in consistently running approximately 1000 head of the highest quality registered cattle- supplying the country with cattle whose traits showcase the forefront of breeding and genetic superiority. In addition to cattle sales, Wilks also offers their proven genetics of its top sires and dams available through AI, embryo transfer or in-vitro fertilization.

In order to witness this truth first-hand, one must travel no further than the Sale Facility at the Wilks Ranch. Inside this building, you will find seating for over 300 people inside the auction arena where the Wilks Ranch Production Sale is held. With 13,000 square feet and the ability to host over 600 guests, the structure of this building lends itself to hosting large groups.

The irrigation and wells that were established on this ranch during its peanut farming days continue to irrigate its now lush fields of coastal bermuda which loves that Texas heat and thrives in the high temperatures of summer. Needless to say, theses Wilks registered cattle are well fed, well bred and well watered.

The registered Donor Dams call this ranch home along with developing heifers and some recip cows. The bull development facility is home to the Wilks Ranch Sires, such as Cowboy Up, and up and coming young bulls, many of which will be sold at the Wilks Ranch Sale Facility.

This ranch is the heart and soul of Wilks Ranch core goal to produce unmatched quality Black Angus genetics and supply those genetics worldwide.