A good set of dams can make or break your program. Start with only the best from Wilks Ranches.


HR Blackcap 8100

Calved 9/6/2018 • AAA +*19212662

Linz Lady Inn 3189-7118

Calved 2/8/2017 • AAA +*18925960

Wilks Rita 6003

Calved 1/1/2016 • AAA *18458007

Bar LR Ivory Enamel 242

Calved 1/30/2012 • AAA *17191250[DDF-OSF]

HR Queenie 7589

Calved 10/22/2017 • AAA +*18929302

Vintage Chloe 6137

Calved 1/23/2016 • AAA *18376117[OSF]

Wilks Blackbird 6314

Calved 7/22/2016 • AAA +*18549438

SJH Complete of 6108 2570

Calved 9/20/2012 • AAA +*17322755

V A R Blackcap 3332

Calved 9/1/2013 • AAA +*17607579

An own daughter of the $110,000 valued Blackcap 9319 donor who is considered by many astute cattleman as one of the greatest donor matrons in Vintage Angus Ranch donor arsenal is one of the real bright young starts in the Wilks Ranch program. She had a daughter sell for $22,000 in the first Wilks Ranch Production Sale.

EXAR Winnie 9733

Calved 12/1/2013 • AAA +17705740

Owned with Rimrock Production – Winnie 9733 is the stoutest, heaviest quartered Denver daughter in the business today. She has a very interesting set of EPDs, a great phenotype and is out of a cow family that has been very dominate in the show ring for Express Ranches. We are excited about this female’s future.

EF Lucy 0004

Calved 1/1/2010 • AAA +*16705077[CAF-DDF]

This one has been a favorite since she came her from Cox Ranch 2015 Sale as the high seller. She is a daughter of All Around out of the $120,000 Basin Lucy 293S who is considered one of the all-timed great daughters of the famed Lucy 3829. She has now amassed over $200,000 in progeny sales and was responsible for the $26,000 high selling yearling heifer in the 2016 sale to Bar W Angus Ranch.

Spruce Mtn Estina 4024

Calved 2/4/2014 • AAA +*17800730

Estina 4024 is a unique female at Wilks Ranch. When you study her kind, her numbers, her outcross pedigree and then you factor in that her first progeny in the 2016 Wilks Ranch Production Sale brought $13,000 to 44 Farms and was considered by many as the buy of the offering, we her at Wilks Ranch have decided to put much emphasis on this female in our donor program in 2017.

EXAR Forever Lady 0985

Calved 7/17/2010 • AAA *16661623

Owned with Express Ranches & Pollard Farms – The $204,000 valued Bismarck daughter that has caught attention of the shrewdest producers because of her elite number package and her flawless phenotype is one of the prized possessions of the Wilks Ranch Program. Look for progeny out of her in the 2017 Wilks Ranch Production Sale by Cowboy Up.

EXAR Rita 1777

Calved 3/11/2011 • AAA +*16882909

Owned with Evans Farms – Quite possibly the most beautiful donor at Wilks Ranch is this daughter of Consensus out of the famed Express Ranches and Pollard Farms donor U049. She has a balanced EPD profile, and exquisite phenotype and has produced well over $150,000 in progeny sales for Evans Farms to date. Look for progeny by Cowboy Up out of this beauty.

EXAR Henrietta Pride 3824

Calved 3/4/2013 • AAA +*17494605

Owned with Express Ranches – This Ten X daughter out of the famed Henrietta Pride cow family has been one of the favorite females of both Express & Wilks Ranch. With a powerful design and stellar look this one can just flat raise one. Look for great things to come out of this female.

Deer Valley Blackcap 3172

Calved 1/18/2013 • AAA *17577045[DDF]

Owned with Crazy K – An own daughter of the $60,000 valued Blackcap 9822 donor who is who is one of the mainstay donors in the Crazy K donor arsenal is one of the real bright young starts in the Wilks Ranch program. With an awesome phenotype and extremely balanced EPD profile, Blackcap 3172 will see heavy use in the donor program.

Deer Valley Henrietta 3168

Calved 1/18/2013 • AAA +*17577074[DDF]

Owned with Deer Valley – Considered by Johnathan Perry as the best daughter ever $180,000 daughter of the famed 643T donor. Henrietta 3168 who ranks in the top 1% of all donors for YW, CW & $Beef EPDs has already amassed $250,000 worth of progeny sales out of her first calf crop and has many more bright features for this next year. She is the dam of the $150,000 valued Highroller and Deer Valley donor Henrietta 61209 and the $75,000 Henrietta 61224. Look for more exciting progeny for this future Breed changer!

Spruce Mtn Blackbird 3362

Calved 3/9/2013 • AAA +*17612926[DDF]

Owned with Cox Ranch – The $156,000 valued leadoff female of the 2016 Wilks Ranch Production Sale selling ½ interest to Cox Ranches in Weatherford Texas is one of the most prized female at Wilks Ranches. She has produced over $150,000 in progeny sales in the first exhibition and has several more progeny that will highlight the 2017 Production Sale. Top 1% Marbling and $Beef with stellar eye appeal!

Deer Valley Henrietta 4152

Calved 1/14/2014 • AAA +*17873652

Henrietta 4152 is the $180,000 daughter of the famed 643T donor by the popular Waylon. She has an elite EPD profile ranking her in the top5% of current Angus dames for WW, YW, CW, RE and $Beef EPDs. A daughter of this female was the $9500 selection of Subiaco Academy in Arkansas in the 2016 Wilks Ranch Production Sale. What for exciting things for this donor in the future.

Deer Valley Henrietta 3612

Calved 8/10/2013 • AAA +*17885722

One of Aaron Kiser’s favorites at Wilks Ranch is this own daughter of the great $390,000 Henrietta Pride 643T by Confidence. She is moderate framed, super stout made and has that extra cool look that makes the club calf boys go wild. The first calves out of this donor by Conversion are especially eye catching and are getting a lot of attention at Wilks Ranch.

Hedgewood Isabel 3157

Calved 9/13/2013 • AAA +*17908050

One of the most unique donors at Wilks Ranches is this outstanding daughter of Waylon out of the famed Isabel cow family that brought us the Circle A Sire Alliance standout Protégé. Isabel 3157 is the donor dam of Wilks Revive 5214 at ABS Global and her first three progeny in the 2016 Wilks Ranch Production Sale average $14,555. She is an elite marbling female with extra muscle and a super attractive phenotype.

Wilks Blackcap 2V72

Calved 10/12/2012 • AAA +*17736123

Yet another maternal sister to Rampage that a highlight in the 2016 Wilks Ranch sale going to Linthicum Cattle for $15,000 has done an excellent job for Wilks Ranch producing by Rampage, Discovery, Ten X and Double Vision. She is a full sister to the Wilks herd sire Stock Exchange and the ABS Global sire Wide Stride.

Wilks Blackcap 2G74

Calved 10/13/2012 • AAA +*17724340

This maternal sister to Rampage who was a highlight in the 2016 Wilks Ranch sale going to Friendship farms in Georgia for $20,000 has done an excellent job for Wilks Ranch producing by Rampage, Discovery, Ten X and Cowboy Up. She is a full sister to the up and coming sire at ABS Global Firestorm and our own Power Broker.

Wilks Blackcap 4N29

Calved 3/12/2014 • AAA +*18000017

A full sister to Wilks Hot Saw, maternal sister to Rampage and Firestorm and the $180,000 Blackcap 0A32 has one of the most balanced EPD profiles of any the Wilks Ranch Donors. Watch for exciting progeny to surface and a new upcoming photo.

Wilks Blackcap 0D82

Calved 2/11/2010 • AAA +*16711193

This full sister to the popular Rampage and the $180,000 Blackcap 0A32, headlined the 2016 Wilks Ranch Production Sale going to Linthicum Cattle in Welch, OK. Blackcap 0D82 has 3 progeny scanned by ultrasound that ratio 105 for IMF and 100 for RE as well has produced a $12,000 Stetson to Double Creek Farms. Her dam is the famed 6E2 donor who has amassed over 2 million in progeny sales. A long spined, high growth, attractive donor with top 1% $Beef and carcass traits.

R B Lady Party 192-305

Calved 1/26/2011 • AAA +*16984173

A high performance full sister to the popular Tour of Duty out of the famed foundation female of the Lady cow family Lady 305 who is also the dam of Active Duty and the $300,000 890 cow. She has 1 progeny turned into AHIR in the Wilks program that ratio 105 for birth, 143 for weaning, 132 for Yearling and now has 17 progeny scanned that ratio 101 for IMF and 102 for RE. She had two progeny sell in the 2016 Wilks Ranch Production sale for $25,000 and $33,000. This one excels in phenotype and performance!