A good set of dams can make or break your program. Start with only the best from Wilks Ranches.


WSC Rita G120

Calved 08/10/2019 • AAA +*19545831

Owned with Express Ranches

Linz Lady Inn 3189-7118

Calved 2/8/2017 • AAA +*18925960

Bar LR Ivory Enamel 242

Calved 1/30/2012 • AAA *17191250[DDF-OSF]
Owned with Friendship Farms

Vintage Chloe 6137

Calved 1/23/2016 • AAA *18376117[OSF]

Wilks Blackbird 9564

Calved 09/26/2019 • AAA +*19574178

Owned with Express Ranches and Spruce Mountain

SJH Complete of 6108 2570

Calved 9/20/2012 • AAA +*17322755

Wilks Rita 9244

Calved 02/07/2019 • AAA +*19397287

Owned with Friendship Farms

4 Sons Rita 253G

Calved 09/15/2019 • AAA +*19606461

Owned with 4 Sons 

DCF Rita 6895

Calved 11/27/2016 • AAA +*18827243

Wilks Empress 9284

Calved 02/16/2019 • AAA *19397316

Owned with WRGRANDSONs

Wilks Blackbird 2121

Calved 1/11/2020 • AAA *19663122

Deer Valley Henrietta 3612

Calved 8/10/2013 • AAA +*17885722

One of Aaron Kiser’s favorites at Wilks Ranch is this own daughter of the great $390,000 Henrietta Pride 643T by Confidence. She is moderate framed, super stout made and has that extra cool look that makes the club calf boys go wild. The first calves out of this donor by Conversion are especially eye catching and are getting a lot of attention at Wilks Ranch.

R B Lady Party 192-305

Calved 1/26/2011 • AAA +*16984173

A high performance full sister to the popular Tour of Duty out of the famed foundation female of the Lady cow family Lady 305 who is also the dam of Active Duty and the $300,000 890 cow. She has 1 progeny turned into AHIR in the Wilks program that ratio 105 for birth, 143 for weaning, 132 for Yearling and now has 17 progeny scanned that ratio 101 for IMF and 102 for RE. She had two progeny sell in the 2016 Wilks Ranch Production sale for $25,000 and $33,000. This one excels in phenotype and performance!