N Bar Emulation EXT, arguably the most influential bull of the 20th century, not only redefined , but continues to influence what the angus breed is today. With dam, N Bar Primrose 2424, who set a record when she sold for $100,000 at 17yrs old, it is no surprise that Emulation EXT is renowned for his female offspring, known for beautifully uddered, productive daughters. He has well over 16,000 daughters in production with an average weaning ratio of 101. His legacy encompasses: calving ease, maternal efficiency, reproductive traits, and a good balance of growth and carcass size.

Originally selected by ABS as a replacement bull, he soon exceeded expectations. It wasn’t long before he surpassed his famed sire, Emulation N Bar 5522, in popularity and calf reports, setting a single year registration record and longest running all time total registrations recorded with American Angus Association.

Tom Elliot, former owner of N Bar Ranch in Montana at the peak of Emulation EXT’s prime, is the man behind the the vision, sweat, and brainetics of this legendary bull whose bloodlines have stood the test of time. Elliot made the difficult decision to sell his family’s historic Grass Range, Montana ranch in the late 1990’s. Careful observation and realistic environmental conditions were the foundation that Tom built his population genetics on. It required time and a lot of patience, both of which usually precedes worthwhile outcomes. Initially EXT was sold by Tom of the N Bar Ranch as a heifer bull sight unseen. Upon arrival to his new home, he was nearly sent home on the same truck. Apparently, he did not make a very good first impression. It just goes to show that you truly can’t judge a book by its cover.

N Bar Emulation EXT stands as the most widely used AI sire in Angus history. Very few will have the same lasting effects as this sire. Though he died at age 13, he remains the only beef sire with a headstone at ABS Global. His bloodlines have stood the test of time, leaving behind an imprint and legacy that stretches far past first impressions.

The N Bar, now owned by Wilks Ranches, still tips its hat to this ranch’s deeply rooted history in the Black Angus History with its extensive commercial Black Angus herd.